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EACS has developed a series of low-cost Business and Technical assessment services designed to provide you with critical performance data about your current Desktop, User, and Application estate. This data can inform the design stages of centralised Desktop and Application delivery initiatives such as Desktop Virtualisation or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

These assessments will provide you with the vital information you need to help move you forward with any desktop and application delivery initiative. The services take you through progressive steps designed to provide you with an accurate view of your user-base and current computing environment and their suitability for transitioning to a centralised desktop and application delivery model. The services provide you with a clear roadmap, enabling you to identify the most suitable Desktop and Application Delivery strategy for your organisation.

Desktop Delivery Approach

These services are part of a best-practice project approach developed by EACS to ensure the success of Desktop and Application delivery projects. The approach recommends conducting these essential information gathering exercises prior to any major investment in a new strategy.

Management Report

The findings of all the assessments are consolidated into a Management Report which contains high level design and sizing recommendations for a centralised delivery solution that would satisfy the true needs of your organisation. The report is presented back to you to ensure all aspects of the report are fully understood.




The purpose of this half-day workshop is to identify, understand and document your organisations goals and how the desktop strategy, application delivery and support mechanisms can support these. The Consultant would identify what your organisation would like to achieve out of any new strategy along with the potential constraints.

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Whether you are thinking about deploying Windows 7, delivering virtual desktops or just need to understand how to get the most out of your existing desktop estate, this service provides you with the data to help you move forward with your initiative.

The service involves a non-intrusive and agent less software installation that monitors and logs a variety of key desktop and user performance metrics. These metrics provide the information you need to understand the performance levels of the current desktop estate and how it impacts user experience.

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Desktops don’t offer much to your users without applications. Most organisations have a number of key applications that must be readily available to users from a variety of devices and locations. Therefore migrating these applications forms a critical part of any desktop transformation project.

Additionally, it’s important to ensure your applications are compatible with the new model. Application testing and remediation through internal projects can be time consuming and costly.

The two key tasks of this assessment are:

Discovery – This service examines current application usage to rationalise the application set, understand the workloads of particular applications and profile user types.

Analysis – Using the application analysis tools, EACS can provide simple reports that indicate the readiness of your applications for Windows 7, 64-bit, App-V, Citrix XenDesktop and a whole range of other options.

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Once the desktop hardware, and application assessments have been completed, the next step is to assess your organisation’s current infrastructure and its suitability or “readiness” as a platform for the new Desktop and Application delivery solution.

Typically, the following elements are assessed:

  • Server hardware and virtualisation environment
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • Storage strategy (Primary & DR)
  • Network Architecture
  • Remote Access
  • Authentication Process

The information collated will be added to the Management Report along with high level recommendations for change or improvement.

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