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Microsoft LogoMicrosoft – Citrix and Microsoft have partnered for nearly 20 years to deliver comprehensive and flexible desktop virtualisation solutions to customers worldwide. Their combined products, such as Hyper-V, XenDesktop, XenApp and more come together to form a complete end-to-end virtualisation platform for V-Alliance customers. Click HERE to find out more about the V-Alliance, a worldwide collaboration between Microsoft and Citrix which promotes their joint end-to-end virtualisation technologies.

AppSense is the leading provider of user virtualisation technology to enterprise organisations. User virtualisation is a way of managing user-specific information independent of the desktop, and applying this information into any desktop (local install, virtualised, published, streamed etc) on-demand. This enables IT to standardise the desktop build, automate desktop and application delivery, and migrate users to new desktops – all while ensuring the user experience is seamless, personal, predictable and easily manageable.

IIGELGEL Technology is one of the leading and most innovative thin client vendors worldwide and market leader in Germany. IGEL produces thin client hardware and software, giving customers access to almost any form of server-based infrastructure and applications including VMware®, Citrix® Xen, Microsoft® terminal services and more.

triCerat solves the most common SBC headaches facing administrators and gives organisations the full tool set required for a fully personalised and dynamic IT environment. triCeratSolutions include print & profile management, desktop & application lockdown and system performance, which come in different flavours to ensure the right product fit. The focus on simplicity helps triCerat maintain the lowest TCO of personalisation solutions in the market.