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Designed to support your project team during the critical planning and design stages of any Desktop and Application delivery project, this technical workshop is a collaborative session between EACS technical consultants and your project team. The planning workshop will confirm the business goals of the project, gather information about project expectations and cover design requirements of the planned infrastructure. The output of the workshop is a high level overview of the technical solution that will deliver against the project goals.

The workshop typically covers the following topics

  • Business Goals – An overview of your organisation’s Business Priorities and how this project supports such objectives.
  • Desktops – Defines the general shape of the physical/virtual desktops environment and how they will be presented to users. Profile Management and Printing preferences are also discussed.
  • Applications – Discusses how applications will be delivered to users.
  • Desktop Delivery Infrastructure – Defines the infrastructure components and how they will make up the solution.
  • Storage & Provisioning – A review of the underlying storage infrastructure and how images will be delivered.
  • Networking – A discussion around how the planned infrastructure will be integrated into the network landscape.
  • Access – This section discusses the access infrastructure, covering topics like remote access and user authentication.
  • Virtualisation – A review of the underlying platform (virtualisation & hardware) to support the infrastructure.
  • Project Approach – Defines the recommended implementation or migration approach based on best practice.

Management Report

The output of the workshop is a Management Report that includes:

  • High Level Design
  • Bill of Materials (Hardware, Software, Services)
  • Implementation Costs
  • Project Approach

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